Avani SA Consulting are specialist social infrastructure & development programme managers

Track Record

Past Experience

During its first year of operation, Avani SA Consulting was directly involved in the implementation of infrastructure programmes and projects to the value of R185m. The company has also strategically and positively contributed to client programmes in excess of R700m and planned client programmes of over R800m.

Rapid & Alternative Building Technologies

Avani SA Consulting and its personnel are actively involved in Government programmes that utilise alternative building technologies. Avani SA Consulting has created unique, innovative and developmental implementation models & frameworks designed to cater to the needs of local communities, professionals, contractors, clients and implementing agents.
  • National Department of Public Works (>R150m)
  • Gauteng Province (>R250m)
  • Eastern Cape Schools (>R125m)
  • Chair of ABT Task Team for a National Department
  • Specialist Support to Implementing Agents

Conventional Projects & Programmes

The company has gained extensive exposure to the more conventional types of projects and programmes through various interventions at numerous structural levels:
  • National Urban and Reconstruction Agency (NURCHA)
    • Strategic, Tactical & Operational Support
    • Management Consulting
  • IDT (Department of Arts and Culture)
    • OR Tambo Legacy Project (R20m)
    • JL Dube Legacy Project (R32m)
  • Programmes Planning (> R 800m)
  • Programme Management Support (> R700m)