Avani SA Consulting are specialist social infrastructure & development programme managers

Our People & Service Approach

Quality Inspired Confidence

Our clients are supported by a well-coordinated, quality and service orientated team of highly-skilled specialists. The team has acquired a vast amount of experience and has become adept at empowering organisations & individuals in realising client objectives.

Our People

Our Team and Partner Network at Avani SA comprises of the following qualified and experienced resources:
  • Programme Management & Systems Specialist
  • Programme Manager
  • Programme Administration & Procurement Specialist
  • Alternative Building Specialist
  • Professional Planners
  • GIS Specialist
  • Architects
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Civil & Structural Engineers
  • Social Facilitation & Development Specialist
  • Software Application Development Specialist

Our Service

Our quality processes are supported by appropriate infrastructure, enabling us to meet the need of our clients through:
  • Dependable operations design
  • The identification of problem areas before they begin to impact our clients
  • Proactive communication management and problem resolution
  • A partnership model that extends across all regions within South Africa
  • The capability to meet client needs effectively and timeously
  • The evaluation of client and market insights

Our quality service ensures:
  • Dependable project delivery
  • Well-orchestrated project network and integration management
  • End-to-end solutions across the entire spectrum of the client value chain
  • A consistent solutions experience across all regions

We have:
  • A proven track record in the design and implementation of infrastructure programmes.
  • A credible network within the built environment industry
  • Professionally qualified and highly experienced resources with appropriate expertise.
  • Proven track record in programme management, project management, design management, procurement, quality management, risk management, integration management, stakeholder management, social facilitation, systems and process design.
  • Stability. Reliability, Flexibility and Scalability
  • Respect as a professional and credible practitioner
  • Technology and Information Management Skills
  • High service level standards